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When it comes to transporting over-dimensional or heavy-lift cargo-transportation and logistics demands are infinitely greater because they are unique to each situation.

Local Customs and regulations. Taxes and duties vary from country to country, as do inspection requirements and documentation.

Cargo size design. Transportation can sometimes dictate how a product is manufactured-whether it is delivered as one unit or produced in multiple parts and assembled on-site. Project cargo buyers can conduct transportation analysis and create routings before equipment is even sourced or manufactured.

Leave Time Management Transit times and requirements vary widely for road, rail, air, ocean, or inland barge. Transportation specialists with in-country knowledge can advise on length, width, height, and weight restrictions that may necessitate using one mode of transportation over another.

Change orders and delivery timelines. Any changes or delays in material sourcing plans or production and delivery can produce unintended consequences. Changing sourcing locations can increase lead times and transportation costs, for example. Shippers and service providers need to plan for potential problems and build flexibility into the project cargo move.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI enables the exchange of structured data such as transport orders, delivery notes, customs documentation and all other information to be collected via forms.

EDI enables companies to set up much more complex business processes than data exchanges by e-mail or paper. Transferring original data electronically not only minimises errors, but also saves time and resources, allowing companies to focus their capacities even more on meeting customer needs.

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